Current Members

Elena F. Koslover

Assistant professor, Department of Physics

Urey Hall 7250


Aidan Brown

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Physics

Urey Hall 7246


Aidan is investigating the effect of spatial confinement within complex organelle morphologies on intracellular reaction kinetics.

Saurabh Mogre

Graduate Student, Department of Physics

I am currently working on understanding intracellular transport in long tubular cells such as neuronal axons and fungal hyphae. Efficient delivery of organelles over various length scales in a complex environment is a challenge for the cell which requires optimization between different transport modes. In collaboration with experimentalists, I work on modeling the multi-modal transport of intracellular components using analytical techniques from statistical physics aided by simulations. From a theoretical perspective, the theme of my research is the study of stochastic dynamical models of biological systems to extract quantitative information and make predictions about their behavior.

Anamika Agrawal

Graduate Student, Department of Physics, qBio Program

Anamika is exploring the spatial organization of metabolism in neurons, focusing on the role of mitochondrial transport regulation in response to heterogeneous glucose levels.

Alexander Lorenzo

Undergraduate Student, Department of Physics

Alex is studying the mechanics and thermal fracture of heterogeneous filaments, with the aim of understanding cofilin-mediated severing of actin filaments.